Only good energy concepts will make money. LAMBION delivers turnkey Heating Plants and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants, as well as components for solid fuels and biogenic residuals, based on holistic and individualised energy concepts.

Innovative Technology For Heat Generation From Solid Fuels

Biomass heating plant to generate heat from solid fuels (for a larger view, click on the picture)


Heat generating plants are required for the central production of heat fot hot water supply, space heating and/or industrial processes. The heat can be distributed to the consumer via district or local heating networks.

All LAMBION heating plants consist of:

  • Fuel supply and feed-in system
  • Heat Generation Component (Furnace and Boiler)
  • Flue Gas Cleaning System
  • Ash Removal System
  • Operation and Control Equipment

LAMBION heat generating plants are available in scalable performance ranges up to 50 MWth.

Nobilia Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co. KG

Heating the entire business with two Biomass Heating Systems.
Sector: Furniture Industry
Sawdust and Shavings from Particle Board and MDF
Energy Source:
Hot water
2 Systems each with 4,400 kWth
CO2-Reduction potential:
26,381 t/Year
Heating Oil Savings: 7.41 Million Litres/Year

Berg Mantelprofilwerk GmbH

The biomass plant utilises solid, as well as dust-types fuels. The system was integrated into an existing heating network they heats both the production halls and the office complex.
Sector: Manufacturing of Wood Products
Fuel: Sawdust and Shavings from MDF
Energy Source: Hot water
 Capacity: 1,100 kWth
 CO2-Reduction potential: 3,298 t/Year
 Heating Oil Savings: 0.93 Million Litres/Year

Wood firing

The classic system to generate heat.


Mobile heating system

Heat/Steam out of the box. Our mobile heating systems