Since 100 years LAMBION has been designing and building installations, utilizing solid fuels for decentralized energy supply. Our extensive experience in economically and ecologically feasible energy production from solid fuels of any kind results from more than 3,400 projects worldwide.

Energy from Biomass: Economical, Ecological and Sustainable


Since 100 years we have dedicated ourselves to energy generation from solid fuels and biogenic residues with enthusiasm and utmost care. Driven by the responsibility for our environment and the fascination with ecologically sound technology, we have continuously refined our technology.

Today we are therefore capable of utilizing a vast variety of standard fuels as well as biogenic residues (such as coal, wood chips, shavings, dust) for energy generation. In these efforts we benefit from having built our extensive fuel archive with almost a hundred different fossil and biogenic fuels, as well as from the experience gathered in over 3,400 completed projects.

To further develop our company and our technology in an ecologically and economically sensible way is our primary task for the future.

The Lambion range of services

Lambion designs and builds turnkey biomass combustion plants