Since 100 years LAMBION has been designing and building installations, utilizing solid fuels for decentralized energy supply. Our extensive experience in economically and ecologically feasible energy production from solid fuels of any kind results from more than 3,400 projects worldwide.

Inventor & System Designer: Biomass Systems

Heinrich Lambion: Inventor of the first mechanical feed unit for wood chip combustion
Heinrich Lambion: Founder of the company

"Turn useless residues into high-quality energy". Over 100 years ago this idea of Heinrich and Alfred Lambion, the founder of “Maschinenfabrik A. Lambion”, laid the foundation for the Lambion brand, which is still successful to this day.

The company was founded in 1917 as the classic manufacturing plant, which evolved in the 1920s and 30s into a major manufacturer of combustion and feeding systems.

Ingenuity and consistent development efforts created new technologies, for instance the very first automated woodchip feeder, which to date allows for the processing, metering and ecologically sustainable conversion of not just wood materials, but solid fuels of most variable composition.

Innovations for Biomass Systems

Certificate of Incorporation: Lambion Engineering Works
Certificate of Incorporation: Lambion Engineering Works

In the 50s Lambion grew into an industrial enterprise and was the first company to internationally introduce moving grates for use of chunky coal. In the 70s, the focus was on expanding international markets.

1986 saw the integration into an international corporation, in its attempt to expand its business activities into the business segment of renewable energies. Yet, in 1997 the partners pulled back to focus on their core business, placing the Lambion brand back in the hands of the Lambion family.

Today LAMBION provides comprehensive technical solutions for decentralized power supply

Axel Lambion
Axel Lambion

LAMBION evolved from a manufacturer of biomass combustion systems to a provider of complete solutions for decentralized energy supply from all sorts of solid fuels and biogenic residues.

The CEO is Axel Lambion, who took over the management of the family business in 2007 from his father Alfred Lambion.

Today Lambion provides any technological solution for energy generation from solid fuels with proprietary technologies from a single source.

The Biomass Archive

There are hundreds of types of biogenic fuel. Is your biomass material on the list?


How is Bioenergy Produced?

LAMBION biomass plants generate heat, steam and/or electric power from hundreds of different types of biogenic fuels.