Only good energy concepts will make money. LAMBION delivers turnkey Heating Plants and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants, as well as components for solid fuels and biogenic residuals, based on holistic and individualised energy concepts.

Turnkey Biomass Power Plants, Heating Plants and CHP cogeneration facilities

Heat, steam and power from bio energy
Heat, steam and power from bio energy (for a larger view, click on the picture)

Our core expertise is design and manufacturing of combustion technology. But the realization of an energy project is much more than that; it includes all project components, from the intial sketch to the ready-to-operate energy system

If you wish, we take up the task of the turnkey supplier of the complete project, from concept through power plant planning, design and detailed design all the way to implementation - if required also as co-investor and general contractor. Thereby we make sure that all the details are good match and the biomass plant is permently economically viable.

In any case LAMBION Complete Systems are a future-proof investment with maximum benefits.

Bio-Energy being made profitable

Turnkey bioenergy
Turnkey bioenergy

LAMBION products not only use wood fuel and wood pellets, but especially those kinds of residuals that would otherwise not be put to any good use or even require significant long-time disposal expenditures. Therefore we develop individual heating plants, power plants and CHP plants for non-standard fuels. The feasibility of such concepts is our particular focus.

Makin energy generation from fossil as well as biogenic fuels both environmentally and economically feasible and secure investment, is a matter of continuously thought out energy concepts, as the long-term viability of a power plant, a heating plant or a CHP system is depending on the optimal interaction of several factors, in particular the fuel input, the fuel supply setup, the investment costs of the overall system, as well as the efficient combustion technology.

Water, Steam and Thermal Oil?

Boiler systems for Warm Water, Hot Water. Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam or Thermal Oil operation.


Combustion Technology

Lambion has been developing efficient combustion technologies since 100 years.