Only good energy concepts will make money. LAMBION delivers turnkey Heating Plants and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants, as well as components for solid fuels and biogenic residuals, based on holistic and individualised energy concepts.

Process Steam: Maximum Energy Efficiency

Biomass heating plant for process steam generation ((for a larger view, click on the picture)


Process steam plants generate low-pressure or high-pressure steam for production processes. The generated steam is uesed for example for drying, heating, humidification or similar processes.

Especially in the food, pharmaceutical and paper industries as well as in breweries processes, steam is required in a precisely defined quality and quantity.

All LAMBION-Process Steam Plants consist of:

  • Fuel supply and feed-in system
  • Heat Geeneration Component (Furnace and Boiler, possibly Superheater)
  • Flue Gas Cleaning System
  • Ash Removal System
  • Operation and Control Equipment

LAMBION process steam systems are available in scalable performance ranges from up to 50 MWth.

Roner AG

Biomass steam boiler system converts the residual grape marc to bio-energy without intermediate storage.
Sector: Distillery, Grappa, Fruit Brandies, Liqueurs
Fuel: Grape Marc, Aprocot Kernels, Olive Kernels
Energy Source: Saturated steam 3,2 t/h, 10 bar (145 psi)
Capacity: 2,200 kWth
CO2-Reduction potential: 6,595 t/Year
Heating Oil Savings: 1.85 Million Litres/Year

Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co. KG

Biomass plant is heating the entire plant and supplies the steam and drying chambers with process energy.
Sector: Sawmill
Fuel: Production Residuals, Sawdust, Sander Dust, Bark
Energy Source: Saturated steam 12,3 t/h, 3 Bar (44 psi)
Capacity: 8,700 kWth
CO2-Reduction potential: 26,082 t/Year
 Heating Oil Savings: 7.33 million Litres/Year


Waste to Energy

Attractive energy supply for industry companies, cities and municipalities


Coal firing plants

Robust conception with a traditional fuel